Education Innovation

Pioneering a transformative educational approach, uniting experts to create a dynamic platform that redefines health education for students.

One Health

Equipping students with the understanding of interconnected health domains, fostering a comprehensive view of well-being.

Open Technologies

Enabling students to engage in the ethical use of AI and expert systems, fostering critical thinking and health empowerment.

Proposed within the framework of the EU COST science and technology cooperation, BEACON: Building Education and One Health with Adaptive Convergence and Open Networks, is dedicated to setting a heightened benchmark for health education among school students. This cross-border endeavor brings together a diverse array of experts and stakeholders to collaboratively forge an inventive educational platform, seamlessly infusing health-related content into existing curricula. BEACON's core focus resides in harnessing the potential of open health technologies, and placing a premium on the ethical and transparent utilization of generative artificial intelligence and expert systems. With a paramount objective of grooming middle and high school students into health-conscious citizens capable of effecting positive change on a global scale, BEACON employs technology to equip them with collaborative skills, all attained through a challenge-driven approach during their academic journey.

BEACON's ultimate ambition is to empower school students as informed, healthy global citizens, proficient in surmounting local and personal obstacles. It aspires to inspire proactive youth who positively influence their lives and enrich their communities. By melding pioneering technology and involving local experts in tackling local issues, while maintaining a global outlook, BEACON is primed to significantly enhance health education, not solely within Europe but across the globe.